Bernese Mountain Dogs
Myself (Sarah) and Mark are based in North East Scotland, Angus.
Priding ourselves on Owning, Showing and Breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs Since 2016

Maddie had a singleton puppy born naturally and then went on to be spayed after complications giving birth. sadly we lost one puppy born sleeping. The puppy named Raffi by her new family is doing well and Maddie is recovering great. Our waiting list is still closed and looks likely to be till mid 2021. Have a great Christmas and may 2021 be hell of a lot better than this one!

The Health results came back excellent! check out the our dogs page to see our updated HD & ED results for Vari and Priya. There is little else to update at the moment, but check back in a couple of weeks for an exciting update.
Vari SH test came back C, and Priya's came back B. SH testing is 
extremely important moving forward with such a fragile breed in regards to health. If breeders continue not to SH BOTH breeding stock they are continuing to ignore the critical status of this beautiful breed, and we will continue to cruelly loose these dogs way before their time. Still there are no shows in the UK, still we are waiting on HD/ED results for both girls. I still continue to receive a high about of emails regarding puppies. we cannot and will not recommend breeders that are doing less health testing than ourselves! 

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